New Product Release: Traxxas MAXX 1/10 Monster Truck

The next evolution of Maxx performance and durability has arrived from the folks down in Texas. The MAXX 1/10 high-performance monster truck contains many of the performance and durability features of its larger sibling, the X-Maxx, scaled down to 1/10 size. This is not a “refreshed” Stampede 4×4 but rather a clean-sheet design, built from the ground up to be faster and tougher than any previous 1/10 tall-tire Traxxas.

Beginning with the chassis the MAXX’s backbone is a molded composite piece inspired by the X-Maxx’s large tub. The new chassis features integrated shock towers that protect the upper shock mount from impacts, while also transferring shock forces into the chassis instead of just into the shock mount screws. Attached to the chassis are energy absorbing bumper mounts and interlocking bulkheads. Like many Traxxas models before it, the MAXX features a modular design for easier maintenance and cleaning.

At either end of that chassis lies new heavy duty suspension components. The oversized, non-adjustable suspension arms feature captured hinge-pins, double shear shock mounts, steel upper and lower tie-bars, a swaybar mounting location and all of the plastics are molded in a cold-weather composite compound.

Unlike previous Maxx models (the X-Maxx being the exception), the MAXX utilizes only four shocks. The GT Maxx dampers are oversized aluminum oil filled units that feature extra-large shock shafts, dual X-ring seals, threaded bodies wtih knurled preload adjusters and the lower spring cups are captured by screws for worry-free bashing.

Being damped by those large diameter units are the new MAXX tires and 2.8″ wheels. The tires feature an all new tread design that includes multiple layers of biting edges for a combination of forward and lateral grip. The tires are molded from a compound specifically formulated to resist tearing and bond to the wheel with more security. The wheels those tires are attached to now include 17mm hexes for increased durability and also have a larger surface for bead mounting in an effort to resist the centrifugal force of those large, rapidly spinning tires.

Transferring power to those wheels are all new driveshafts coupled to new, tougher diffs. The driveshafts themselves are the latest iteration of Traxxas’ telescoping slider shafts that maximize suspension travel and steering angle while reducing rotating mass. The diffs feature a 4-gear internal design and are filled with heavy silicone oil for a limited-slip effect. The differentials themselves use the same design architecture as the E-Revo 2.0 and include 7mm diff outputs for increased strength. Attached to the differential is a large pitch, large diameter ring gear spun by a matching oversized pinion.

Feeding power to those differentials is a splined extreme duty thick wall aluminum center driveshaft. Propelling the center shaft is an all new “Torque Biasing Center Drive” unit that both distributes power front to rear and also aids in absorbing shock thus extending the life of the drivetrain. Unlike traditional geared center differentials that bleed power when one end of the truck is in the air while the other is on the ground (i.e. during a wheelie) the MAXX setup still feeds power to the wheels that have traction allowing for impressive wheelies off the line.

Sending power from the motor to the Torque Bias unit is Traxxas’ Cush Drive that reduces shock at the spur gear without reducing power transfer. A special elastomer damper allows this shock reduction without adding anything that can slip.

Providing the power to that Cush Drive unit is a 540XL (3670 size) 2400kv motor attached to a full length motor mount cradle that supports the motor during impacts and also prevents gear munching flex. The gear mesh is fixed for added durability using fixed pins that eliminate gear movement during even the most heinous tumbles. Powering the motor is a VXL-4s speed control with auxiliary fan for cool running. Providing the turning power for the MAXX is Traxxas’ 2090 servo (the same size servo found in the X-Maxx) that packs 285oz-in of torque. The built in BEC inside the VXL-4s puts of 10a of continuous current and up to 20a of burst current, so powering that servo should be no problem. The truck is controlled by a TQi 2.4 gHz transmitter paired with a 5 channel receiver. All of the Maxx’s electronics are waterproof (the receiver is housed inside of a waterproof receiver box) and the radio system is telemetry ready.


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