New Product Release: RPM Front Bumper for the Losi Rock Rey

Coming soon from the folks at RPM is this heavy-duty front bumper for the Losi Rock Rey. Designed to be much more durable than the stock unit, the RPM unit incorporates many of the design features of their Baja Rey bumper (#73742) but adds design elements specifically designed for the Rock variant.

Creating a more durable bumper and skid plate for the RR involves more than just designing a new skid and bumper and molding it out of a nearly indestructible material. RPM began by moving the skid plate from between the chassis plate and differential to below the aluminum chassis, allowing the RPM skid to protect the chassis from impacts and abrasion whereas the stock setup treated the chassis as a consumable item. Moving the skid also allows RPM to engineer a flex zone into the skid plate that facilitates movement of the bumper, further absorbing impacts. Adding to the functionality of the skid and bumper are three longitudinal ribs that both strengthen the skid and reduce friction over tall obstacles. The ribs combined with a smoother transition from skid plate to chassis makes clearing larger rocks much easier.

The bumper was designed to offer more protection to the chassis while still clearing the tires at full lock. The design incorporates another flex zone that allows the bumper to compress during severe impacts yet return to its original shape once the energy has dissipated.

Like all RPM products the new Rock Rey front bumper is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and carries a limited lifetime warranty against breakage.

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