Pro-Line Trencher 2.8″ LP’s on the Senton 4×4 MEGA

We have been running 2.8″ ST tires on my wife’s Slash 2wd for quite some time now and when it came time to switch up the look of the Senton I wanted to go a little more “mall-crawler” with its look.

Pro-Line recently released a line of low-profile (LP) 2.8″ tires for 1/10 stadium trucks which are nearly the same size as standard SC tires in height but considerably wider. The new tires come mounted on PL’s 6×30 Raid wheels and include 12mm hex adapters in two different offsets. PL also released a new set of 14mm adapters designed for the Granite and combining those with the LP’s made for a really nice setup on the Senton.

These are the aluminum 14mm adapters alongside the Trencher 2.8″ LP’s:

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A side profile shot of the new stance:

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This is how far the new setup protrudes from the fenders:

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And finally the new look, this time out in nature:

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I had been running a set of Trencher SC’s on the truck for a while and they were working quite well. They fared much better on the MEGA than they had on the Slash 2wd or 4×4 and handled predictably. The new tires feel much stickier than the older SC’s and this was made apparent when I sat the truck on the ground and it didn’t move. The LP’s were a little too much for the old, abused slipper clutch. After pulling the slipper apart and flipping the pad the truck was back up and running. Now that it could move the truck handled like an overgrown stadium truck. The tires bite in corners and before you know it the truck is headed in a different direction. When cornering at higher speeds there is a tendency to traction roll but only at the very limit. In all fairness the truck did this on the stock tires as well as the Trencher SC’s. On loose dirt and gravel is where the new tires shine. With the SC sized tires the truck would whip around violently when trying to corner on gravel but with the LP’s it would slide predictably, though it was never out of control. Ripping around on loose dirt was a blast; with the MEGA you can keep the throttle pinned and the truck just floats over anything in its way. This is how I spent most of the run, launching over tree roots, spraying dirt everywhere, generally driving like a big kid.

The 14mm adapters spin true and didn’t loosen up at all during any of the runs. I used a little blue thread locker on each screw securing the wheel to the adapter during assembly. I like the contrast of the aluminum center with the black rim; it really makes the combo stand out, especially agains
st the blue of the body.

Items used:
Trencher 2.8″ LP mounted on Raid 6×30 wheels #10159-10…unted-raid.asp

6×30 to 14mm Adapters #6346-00…x-adapters.asp