Quick Review: Pro-Line BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires

I’m not going to lie here, I chose these tires for my dad’s truck because they matched the 1:1 BFG’s that Dad ran on that truck way back when. I knew going in that these tires would give up some performance in some areas due to their close-knit tread block design but it would be worth it to capture the look of the rear thing. I was wrong. Very wrong.

In the couple of outings that we have done since the truck was completed there was no where that my SCX10 could go that the Gen8 ‘Yota couldn’t follow. On the textured rock of southern WV the G8 compound stuck like a sneaker to fly paper and propelled the truck up rock faces with authority. Side-hilling was a non-issue thanks to the molded foams inside the tires and the tires did not fold under when turning on the down slope. On smoother rock the soft compound was more beneficial than the tires tread pattern; those split tread blocks prefer having an edge to bite into. The truck was still able to navigate lines across the smooth river rock that lined the ravine we were running in, even going places we ourselves couldn’t walk.

Coming out of the that ravine was a different story and highlighted the one area that the BFG’s struggled: mud. The closely spaced tread blocks quickly packed with the slimy goop and turned themselves into slicks. Clean-out was nearly non-existent and only a small amount of the mud freed itself from the tire on the pavement drive back to the car. Cleaning out the tread blocks took a tub of Simply Green, a scrub brush and some elbow grease once back at the shop. Closely spaced tread like the BFG All-Terrains struggle with this, it’s not a fault of the tire just a characteristic of the design.

At my home course I have a log ramp leading up to the walkway for my shop that is made of (somewhat) smooth, bark-on pieces of tree limbs that are sized just wide enough for the Gen8 and this was a good test for the BFG’s and their ability to traverse terrain with inconsistent traction. Choosing the proper line was crucial but the truck plodded its way up with little effort each time. The tread was able to grab the texture of the the bark and hold firm while the soft compound kept the tire from walking side to side.

I feel that the tires are sized better for straight axle trucks and may be a little small for use with portals. Measuring in at 4.35″ tall, the tires fill out the fender wells of most crawler bodies and look much better when the body is lower. For portal trucks a 4.75″ height would look a little more in proportion to the vehicle’s height but that is a small nit to pick.

Overall, the Pro-Line BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2’s strike an excellent balance between 100% scale accuracy and 1/10 performance. The design of the tread blocks works nicely in conjunction with the soft compound of the tires and doesn’t give up much in the way of performance. If mud running is your forte this tire is not the best choice; there are dedicated mud tires that serve this purpose. However, if you want a tire that works in 90% of conditions and looks realistic, the BFG KO2’s are an excellent choice.

Link: https://www.prolineracing.com/tires/bfgoodrich-all-terrain-ko2-1-9-g8-rock-terrain-truck-tires.asp

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